Oxide Pastes

For Monolithic Assemblies

Monolithic solar cells assemblies are obtained by stacking titania (anode), zirconia (insulating) and conductive carbon (cathode) layers on a single substrate.

Our products Zr-Nanoxide ZR/SP and Zr-Nanoxide ZT/SP are precisely targeted for the assembly of monolithic Dye Solar Cells and monolithic Perovskite Solar Cells respectively.

For Reverse-Type Dye Solar Cells

Nickel oxide is a p-type semiconductor that can be used to prepare photo-cathodes. Dye-sensitized photo-cathodes operate in a reverse mode compared with conventional Dye Solar Cells. The electron cascade occurs from the excited dye to the oxidized species of the electrolyte, and from the p-type semiconductor valence band to the ground level of the sensitizer.

Together with n-type semiconductor pastes like our Ti‑Nanoxide products, it is possible to fabricate tandem p/n-type Dye Solar Cells with efficiencies equal or superior to conventional n-type DSCs.