Solar Cell Kits

Don't reinvent the wheel, Solaronix provides complete sets of components to build your own Dye Solar Cells with great simplicity. We have different kits depending on size and usage. Each kit includes ready-to-use titania electrodes, platinum electrodes, pre-drilled counter-electrodes and pre-cut sealing gaskets.

Perovskite Solar Cell Kits

Get up and running in minutes in the exciting field of Perovskite Solar Cell research and development with our dedicated kits.

Dye Solar Cell Test Kits

The Dye Solar Cell Test Kit allows experienced users to easily build many high performance test cells with a high degree of reproducibility.

Education Dye Solar Cell Kits

The Education Cell Kit is specifically designed to fit in educational budgets.

Demonstration Dye Solar Cell Kits

The kit for the making of larger demonstrative Dye Solar Cells.