The space between electrodes in Dye Solar Cells is filled with an electrolyte. Our Iodolyte and Mosalyte products are a range of ready-to-use electrolytes for this application. Their composition is based on the iodide/tri-iodide redox couple, which has been proven to perform the best in Dye Solar Cells. The composition of all our electrolytes were carefully developed with state-of-the-art additives to ensure excellent Dye Solar Cell performance and durability.

More specifically, the Mosalyte product line provides non-volatile electrolyte formulations based on ionic liquids. These innovative electrolytes demonstrate a negligible vapor pressure that makes them compatible with high temperature and diverse sealing processes.

Our most experienced customers may also enjoy preparing custom ionic liquids mixtures from our IonLic product line.

Solvent-Based Electrolytes

Ready-to-use iodide/tri-idodide electrolytes for Dye Solar Cells.

Non-Volatile Electrolytes

Non-volatile electrolyte formulations based on ionic liquids for Dye Solar Cells.