Zr-Nanoxide ZR/SP

Reflective zirconium dioxide paste for the deposition of insulating layers in monolithic Dye Solar Cells.

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46351 50 g
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46312 100 g
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46352 500 g
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Zr-Nanoxide ZR/SP is a zirconium dioxide paste that forms a porous and electrically insulating layer after firing at 475°C. It is intended to act as an insulating and reflective spacer layer on a pre-existing nanostructured TiO2 electrode in monolithic assemblies.

The resulting zirconium dioxide layers are opaque white and exhibit minimal dye uptake. Titania staining can be realized in the presence of a zirconia layer, thanks to its porous structure which allows the dye solution to penetrate.

Zr-Nanoxide ZR/SP is suitable for screen-printing or slot-coating (doctor-blade). When using screen-printing, we recommend a 61-64 mesh (61 threads/cm, 64 µm thread diameter) stencil.

Intended for :
screen-printing, blade coating
Concentration :
~30 % wt.
Particle size :
20-40 nm mixed with 5 µm
Medium :
terpineol, organic binders
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

MSDS Zr-Nanoxide ZR/SP.pdf

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