Platinum Pastes

The Platisol products are a set of chemical precursors for the deposition of catalytic platinum layers. In most Dye Solar Cells the counter-electrode features a catalytic amount of platinum that greatly enhances electron transfer to the electrolyte. This in turn increases the charge density in the solar cell which directly translates to higher photo-currents and efficiencies.

Our Platisol products are the perfect companion for our Iodolyte iodide-based electrolytes. Platisol comes in 2 formulations, a low viscosity paint for spin coating or brush application and a viscous paste for screen-printing or doctor-blade application. In both cases, the products lead to a quasi-transparent layer of activated platinum after firing at 450°C. The precursor is reduced to a minimal amount of platinum for optimum material usage, while remaining transparent and catalytically active.

Brush Painting, Spin-Coating, Spraying

Screen-Printing, Slot-Coating (doctor-blade)

Platinum Coating Service