About Us

Solaronix is a Swiss company founded in 1993 by the twin brothers Andreas & Toby Meyer. The origins of the company belong to the pioneering discoveries on new generation solar cells at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).

The One-Stop-Shop For Chemicals and Components

An important part of our business is devoted to the production of the key materials required for Dye Solar Cell and Perovskite Solar Cell fabrication processes. Thanks to a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals and components, Solaronix has always supported innovation in the field, and is turning scientific progress into readily available products.

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Bright Ideas for Solar Testing

Another great part of our activities is the manufacturing of solar testing equipment. Our solutions rely on an exclusive light source developed in-house, able to perfectly mimic the sun. Solaronix is producing light soakers and solar simulators in either standards sizes or customer-adapted dimensions.

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And Much More

There's a whole lot more to learn about the outstanding activities carried out in Solaronix. Should you like more information, please feel free to visit our corporate website and to contact us.