Solar Testing Equipment

Solaronix proposes two ranges of products featuring our original Lumixo light engine: The Solixon is a combined Solar Simulators and Light Soakers. The Sunirad is a Light Soakers. The two product lines benefits from the same exceptional characteristics of the Lumixo light engine.

While standard equipment is routinely available, our expertise is very often used to making customized configurations or super sized machines. Inquiries are welcome!

Light Engines

Light engines components named Lumixo and Lumixo-S that producing directly sun spectrum class A according spectral reference CIE85 and IEC60904-3

Small Units

Cell tester that combine the functions of Solar Simulator and Light Soaker in one unit designed for laboratories and universities

Medium Units

Cells tester units that combine the functions of solar simulator and light soaker. Available from 20 x 20 cm to 100 x 100 cm of active surface

Large Units

Custom large-area Solar Simulator, Light-soaker and Thermal tester under light load combined in one equipment.