Platisol T

The liquid paint for the deposition of a catalytic and quasi-transparent layer of activated platinum.

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Most Dye Solar Cells (DSCs) use cathodes coated with platinum. The presence of a catalytic amount of platinum at the cathode enhances greatly the electron transfer rate to the electrolyte. This is in turn increasing the charge density in the solar cell, which directly translates into higher photo-currents.

Platisol T is a liquid paint containing a precursor of platinum which is transformed into an activated platinum coating by heat treatment at 450°C. This product can be easily applied onto electrode substrates with a paintbrush, which is an excellent method for quickly preparing test cells by hand. The formulation of Platisol T makes it adaptable for spraying or spin-coating.

After firing, the paint leaves place to a minimized amount of platinum for optimum material usage, while remaining ideally transparent and catalytically active.

NB: Consider using the Platisol T/SP paste instead if the evenness of your platinum layer is very important.

Intended for :
brush painting, spin-coating, spraying
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

MSDS Platisol T.pdf

Application Note

Note Platisol T.pdf

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