Ti-Nanoxide BL/SC

Spin-coating formulation for the deposition of a compact pinhole-free blocking-layer of titanium dioxide.

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Ti-Nanoxide BL/SC offers a simple and convenient way to create a 50-70 nm compact titania layer by spin-coating the solution (5000 rpm for 30 s, acceleration 2000 rpm/s) and firing the coated substrates at 550°C for one hour.

The resulting compact layers, also referred as “blocking layer”, is a pre-requisite in not only Perovskite Solar Cells but also most solid-state Dye Solar Cells where it acts as an electron-selective barrier on the anode.

SEM cross section showing a FTO layer covered by a thin titania blocking layer obtained with Ti-Nanoxide BL/SC

Intended for :
Resulting layer :
Anatase particles :
Diffusing particles :
Concentration :
~6.0% wt.
Medium :
alcohol, water, organic binders
Treatment :
high temperature required

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