Ti-Nanoxide T165/SP

Titania nanoparticle paste for the deposition of mesoporous titania layers with a thin screen-printing stencil.

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Ti-Nanoxide T165/SP is titania nanoparticle paste suitable for the screen-printing or slot-coating of very thin mesoporous titania layers in perovskite solar cell applications.

Screen-printing with a 165-30 polyester mesh stencil typically yields a ~500 nm mesoporous titania layer after firing at 500°C for 30 min.

Such thin layers are specifically adapted to the making of titania scaffolds in mesoscopic perovskite solar cells as well as carbon-based monolithic perovskite solar cells. In the latter case, Ti-Nanoxide T165/SP is best used in conjunction with Ti-Nanoxide BL150/SP for the compact titania layer, Zr-Nanoxide ZT/SP for the mesoporous zirconia layer, and Elcocarb B/SP for the carbon layer.

Intended for :
screen-printing, blade coating
Resulting layer :
Anatase particles :
15-20 nm
Diffusing particles :
Concentration :
~9% wt.
Medium :
terpineol, organic binders
Treatment :
high temperature required
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

MSDS Ti-Nanoxide T165/SP.pdf

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