Titania Coating Service

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles deposition service.

In order to prepare nanostructured titania anodes for Dye Solar Cells, we offer our customers the option of printing the titanium dioxide paste of their choice on TCO glass or any customer supplied substrate.

Please note that the substrate must withstand a 450 °C thermal cycle for a proper titania particle sintering.

How to inquire

Please use the "Ask for a quotation" button above, and specify in the comment area the details of the coating service you would like to obtain. That includes:

  • type of substrate
  • dimensions;
  • number of pieces;
  • supply (whether you or us would supply the substrate).

Example of quotation

5 x 5 cm CHF 20.-
10 x 10 cm CHF 50.-
30 x 30 cm CHF 250.-

(substrate not included)