LASER Scribing Service

Programmable LASER scribing service for the production of patterned electrodes.

Our LASER scribing facility allows to apply a custom pattern on your TCO electrodes. The beam selectively etches away the transparent conductive coating on the surface of the glass. This technique is typically employed to prototype rapidly integrated modules by scribing insulation lines between the individual cells of the module to be.

Our equipment can be programmed to scribe patterns within a 70 x 70 cm area. From the prototyping of few pieces to the production of many parts, the LASER scribing can accommodate any of your needs.

How to inquire

Should you like to inquire for this service, please use the "Ask for a quotation" button above, and specify in the comment area the details of the coating service you would like to obtain. That includes:

  • type of TCO substrate;
  • dimensions (we may ask you for a schema if necessary);
  • number of pieces;
  • supply (whether you or us would supply the substrate).