Glass Cutter

High Precision Glass Cutting Pen.

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65211 Glass Cutter
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Experimenters who make their own electrodes can benefit from the Glass Cutter. This high-precision glass cutter can cut and trim substrates with ease. Suitable for ultra thin (0.5 mm) to thin (4 mm) TCO substrates, this Glass Cutter features a unique and durable notched carbide wheel that provides very precise cuts with smooth edges.

Cutting glass substrates with the Glass Cutter begins by scribing a straight line or curve on one side of the glass in the position of the desired cut. The scribe makes a fissure on the surface of the glass and when pressure is applied the remaining thickness of the glass breaks along the scribed fissure.

Thanks to the notched design of the cutting wheel, this crack is up to 90% of the thickness of the glass, which facilitates a lot the breaking step and reduces chances of rejects.

Dimensions :
15.7 cm
Material :
cutting wheel made of carbide
Variant :
0.5-4 mm thick glass
Application Note

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