Lumixo Light Engine (Lumartix SA)

The genuine Lumixo-S light engine. High performances in a small volume.

Full Sun Spectrum

This genuine light source perfectly mimics sunlight (without filter), and presents an outstanding light flux and spectrum stability over a long period of time. The unmatched features of the Lumixo Light Engine allow Lumartix to supply today's photovoltaic industry with accurate and dependable testing equipment.

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Electrodless lamp

In common discharge lamps, the light is emitted as an electrical arc between two electrodes. The extreme temperature of the discharge causes often electrode breakdown after a few hundred hours of operation.

Incredible life time

Alternatively, plasma lamps belong to a class of electrode-less light sources energized by radio frequency power. In the Lumixo Light Engine, a radio frequency system generates the power necessary to excite a plasma in a sealed electrode-less bulb. The bulb's lifetime itself is virtually infinite, allowing for the Lumixo's outstanding lifetime up to 40 000 hours. The end-of-life time is actually dictated by the rotating parts (fans + motor) and the radio frequency system, parts that can be easily replaced.

Existing Lumartx solar simulators have over 63,000 hours of operation!

Our vision

Lumixo Light Engines are installed in the new generation of low OPEX Steady State Solar Simulator.

Lumixo Light Engines is similar to a xenon lamp without its drawback. Lumixo Light Engine solves the issues of poor life time, spectral shift and light flux reduction of xenon lamp system. This new way of illuminating increase the quality of the testing and reduces dramatically the maintenance costs.

Proper documentation and remote assistance is provided to make Lumixo light engine services trouble free, directly on-site by the customer's team, that is instructed by Lumartix.

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Unit type :
Solar Simulator / Light soaker
Light Spectrum :
Class A
Spectrum certification :
By a laboratory accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service
Light Uniformity :
Light Stability :
Class B
Light Source :
Lumixo light engine
Lamp lifetime :
Up to 40'000 hours (20'000 hours warranty), serviceable
Total illuminated area :
Sample type :
All PV technologies
Sample area :
Sample thickness :
Sample temperature target :
Illumination non-uniformity :
Irradiance stability :
Light engine cooling :
Forced air ventilation
Software :
Lamp control by RS232 communication up to 8 lamps, 9 to 254 lamps CAN server is require
Dimensions :
285 x 210 x h300 mm (without power supply); 285 x 210 x 430 mm (with power supply)
Mass :
~5 kg without power supply; ~8 kg with power supply
Structure :
Electromagnetic compatibility :
RoHS conformity :
Conforms with RoHS
CE conformity :
Yes, the components and the whole system is in conformity with the CE regulations, the system is intended for industrial and laboratory use
Warranty :
24 months
Options :
ALR power supply for Class A ripple light output
I-V Software :
Probes :
I-V system basic :
I-V system profesionnal :
Multiplexer system :