Elcocarb G/SP

Multi-graphite paste for the deposition of electrically conductive graphite layers by screen-printing or slot-coating in electrochemical device applications.

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Elcocarb G/SP is multi-graphite paste aimed at the deposition of metal-free, electrically conductive layers by screen-printing or slot-coating techniques. It can be used for the fabrication of carbon electrodes in various electrochemical devices, including new generation photovoltaics.

Elcocarb G/SP contains graphite particles in a 1–20 µm range. Firing at 400°C leads to a highly conductive, hydrophobic and non-metallic layer that remains porous. The chemical inertness of this layer enables a broad range of material compatibility with no risk of corrosion.

Carbon films obtained from Elcocarb G/SP demonstrate excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates, such as coated glasses and ceramic surfaces. They can ideally replace glass counter-electrodes in monolithic solar cell assemblies when used in conjunction with our Ti-Nanoxide and Zr-Nanoxide products.

Those layers also feature a very good electron transfer rate to iodide-based Dye Solar Cell electrolytes like our Iodolyte and Mosalyte products.

Intended for :
screen-printing, blade coating
Aspect :
black viscous paste
Resulting layer :
opaque dark gray (after firing)
Sheet resistivity :
≤45 ohm/sq. (given a typical 15 µm thick layer)
Treatment :
400°C for ~40 min
Carbon composition :
≤20 µm graphite particles
Concentration :
~22.5% wt.
Medium :
terpineol, organic binders, inorganic binders
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

MSDS Elcocarb G/SP.pdf

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