Elcocarb B-L/SP

Low temperature processable graphite/carbon-black paste for the deposition of active highly conductive carbon layers.

Ref. Size Price Qty
45611 10 g
CHF 175.00
45621 20 g
CHF 320.00
45651 50 g
CHF 583.00
45612 100 g
CHF 1'047.00
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A graphite/carbon-black paste processable at low temperature for the deposition of electrically conductive carbon layers.

Curing can be realized at only 100-120°C for ~30 min

Intended for :
screen-printing, blade coating
Aspect :
black viscous paste
Resulting layer :
opaque black (after firing)
Sheet resistivity :
≤25 ohm/sq. (given a typical 15 µm thick layer)
Treatment :
100-120°C for ~30 min
Carbon composition :
graphite, carbon black
Concentration :
Medium :

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