Solixon A-20-P

The parallel beam from Class ABB to AAA cells tester combining Solar Simulator and Light Soaker from Solaronix, featuring our genuine Lumixo light engine. High performances and wide active area in a small cabinet.


Solixon A-20-P is a continuous, parallel beam type Solar Simulator and Light Soaker for cell testing. This machine is based on Solaronix' exclusive high efficiency light source, the Lumixo light engine.

A uniform and parallel beam light is brought onto the samples thanks to very efficient reflectors, carefully placed on the sample holder. This machine has a spacious illuminated area of 20 x 20 cm for your samples (1 position for silicon wafer 6''). A drawer allows easy insertion and removal of the samples in the machine. This drawer features a sample holder made of anodized aluminum plate, thermoelectrical system to ensure the right temperature of samples. The thermoelectrical system can be replaced by water cooling in option.

The sample holder is designed to ensure a controlled temperature of ±2°C under an irradiation of 1000 W/m2 (in the range of 25°C to 55°C). The samples can be maintained in place thanks to the optional vacuum chuck embedded into the thermostated sample holder. A data logging system records irradiance power and sample holder temperature for a better traceability of your measurements.

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Unit type :
Solar Simulator / Light soaker
Light Spectrum :
Class A
Spectrum certification :
By a laboratory accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service
Light Uniformity :
Class A, B or C
Light Stability :
Class B
Light Source :
1 Lumixo light engine
Lamp lifetime :
up to 40'000 hours (20'000 hours warranty), serviceable
Total illuminated area :
20 x 20 cm
Sample type :
All PV technologies
Sample area :
20 x 20 cm sample area (1 silicon wafer 6'') on an extensible drawer
Sample thickness :
1 to 10 mm thick samples
Sample temperature target :
25°C to 50°C
Illumination non-uniformity :
Irradiance stability :
Light engine cooling :
Forced air ventilation
Software :
Lamp control and monitoring: lamp and sample holder temperature, light intensity
Dimensions :
80 x 80 x 210 cm (drawer closed); 140 x 80 x 210 cm (drawer open)
Mass :
~110 kg
Structure :
Electromagnetic compatibility :
EN 61000-3-3, EN 60555-2 (2.45 GHz ISM Group 1, Class B Device)
RoHS conformity :
conforms with RoHS
CE conformity :
yes, the components and the whole system is in conformity with the CE regulations, the system is intended for industrial and laboratory use
Warranty :
24 months
Options :
Chiller for sample holder cooling. Vacuum pump for samples positioning. Manual shutter
I-V Software :
Probes :
I-V system basic :
I-V system profesionnal :
Multiplexer system :