UV-Rad 1525-V

If your sample does not fit in our standard units, fell free to inquire with your very own specification!
Our proven design including our Lumixo light engines in an array is ready to scale up or down to any size from 1.0 x 1.0m to 2.5 x 4.0m.


UV-Rad 1525-V is designed to produce UV preconditioning test (MQT10) according IEC61215-2:20015 & IEC61646:2008 norms.

Numerous of our realizations were built upon customers' requirements.

Our UV-Rad 1525-V equipments consist in arrays of Lumixo light engines. The complete machine is then built for the targeted illuminated area specified by the customer.

All our machines are constructed to give an easy access to the illuminating chamber. Furthermore, they come with a network interface to allow remote control of the installation.


Thanks to our Lumixo light engines, the illuminated area of these machines benefits from a continuous and stable UV irradiation. UV-Rad 1525-V equipments can be ordered with a light spectrum of Class A.

The units are equiped with an instrumentation capable of measuring the UV irradiance within the wavelength ranges of 280 nm to 320 nm and 320 nm to 400 nm with an uncertainly better than ±15%.

No irradiance are emitted below 280 nm.

Class of equipment

Our classic systems typically meet the Class AAA* required for most of the testing standards specifications.

(*) according to the IEC-60904-9 standard.


Our equipment shutdown automatically the lamps if the doors are open during operation.

UV-Rad units

The UV-Rad units are built for UV preconditioning tests. They thus rely on a thorough thermal engineering to reach 60°C ± 5°C on the sample holder, required to meet the Standard Testing Conditions (STC), as per IEC 61215-2:2015 and 61646:2008.

Measurements capability

UV Preconditioning test according to IEC 61215-2:2015 and IEC 61646:2008 norms

Your system

ex: UV-Rad 1323-V UV-Rad  13  23-  V-
UV-Rad (UV aging)      
Active surface dimensions (height and width in dm)      
Sample orientation: Vertical        

Example of UV Preconditioning tester with an active surface of 1.3 x 2.3 m and vertical samples.


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Unit type :
UV preconditioning tester
Light Spectrum :
Class A
Spectrum certification :
Light Uniformity :
Class A
Light Stability :
Class A
Light Source :
Lumixo light engine Array
Lamp lifetime :
Up to 40'000 hours (20'000 hours warranty), serviceable
Total illuminated area :
Standard units have 1.5 m x 2.5 m
Sample type :
All PV technologies
Sample area :
Upon request, from 30 cm to 3.0 m or more
Sample thickness :
Accept any modules thickness
Sample temperature target :
60°C ±5°C
Illumination non-uniformity :
Better than ±15%
Irradiance stability :
STI and LTI class A
Light engine cooling :
Forced air ventilation
Software :
Lamp control and monitoring: lamp and sample holder temperature, light intensity
Dimensions :
Mass :
Structure :
Electromagnetic compatibility :
RoHS conformity :
Yes, conform with RoHS requirements
CE conformity :
Warranty :
24 months
Options :
X-Y irradiance non-uniformity mapper.