Ti-Nanoxide T300/SC

Spin-coating formulation for the deposition of 300 nm thick highly transparent mesoscopic titanium dioxide layers.

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Ti-Nanoxide T300/SC is a solution for the formation of 300 nm thick mesoporous titania layers by spin-coating (5000 rpm for 30 s, acceleration 2000 rpm/s) and firing at 475°C for 30 min. The mesoscopic structure obtained by the sintering of nano-particles in the process makes a perfect host for perovskite crystals.

What's more, advanced users can advantageously tune the thickness of their mesoporous films by adjusting the concentration of Ti-Nanoxide T300/SC with the help of ethanol and the calibration curve shown below.

Intended for :
Resulting layer :
highly transparent
Anatase particles :
15-20 nm
Diffusing particles :
Concentration :
Medium :
alcohol, water, organic binders
Treatment :
high temperature required
Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

MSDS Ti-Nanoxide T300/SC.pdf

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